K-3 Resources

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A Field Guide to the Identification of Pebbles

Harbour Publishing

All Grade Levels. Full-colour, easy-to-use laminated guide with over 80 photos of pebbles from beaches and rivers.

Rocks Music CD

Joan Corner

Grades K-3. Creative tunes and accurate lyrics define this music developed as a fun-filled approach to helping children learn about rocks and minerals!

It Comes from a Mine

Les produits de la mine

Placer Dome

Grades K-3. Picture and activity book on the everyday items made from mineral resources. Available in English and French

I am an Exploration Geologist Activity Book

I am an Exploration Geologist Activity Book Key


Grade K-4. A colouring and activity book for students of all ages that depicts the work of geologists in mineral exploration.

Minerals in Your Home Activity Book

Minerals In Your Home Activity Book Key


Grades 2-4. Activity book to help students learn about all the objects in their home made with mineral resources.

I am an Environmental Scientist Activity Book

I am an Environmental Scientist Activity Book Key


Grades 3-4. A colouring and activity book for students of all ages that depicts the work of an Environmental Scientist.

I am a Mining Engineer


Teacher Reference. A colouring and activity book for students of all ages that depicts the work of of mining engineers before, during and after mining.

Industrial Mineral Operations in BC – Teacher Information and Student Activity Book


Teacher Reference. Teacher information about current industrial mineral operations in BC, includes student activities.

Mining Builds British Columbia

Mining Association of BC

Teacher Reference. Poster series that illustrates the mineral resources that are essential to modern day transporation, communication, medicine, energy, construction and recreation.

The Mining Process at Copper Mountain Mine

Copper Mountain Mining Corp.

Teacher Reference. Youtube video about the Copper Mountain mine operation. A must-watch for teachers in the Princeton area!

What is a SMARTPHONE made of?


Teacher Reference. Just what elements are needed to make your smartphone? Find out in this informative video!

Victoria Gold Eagle Mine May 2019


Teacher Reference. Amazing drone footage of Victoria Gold's Eagle Mine Operation in the Yukon

What happens to a mine AFTER it is closed?


Teacher Reference. A lot of work goes into cleaning up a mine site after it closes. Find out more about mine reclamation in this short video.

Careers in the Minerals Industry Flyer


Teacher Reference. Pamphlet with A-Z information on careers in the minerals industry and industry groups in BC.