Career Education

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BCIT Mining Technology


Youtube video profiling the two-year diploma program in Mining Technology at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

Careers in the Minerals Industry


Video developed to depict the variety of types of work in the modern mining industry. 

Careers in the Minerals Industry Flyer


Pamphlet with A-Z information on careers in the minerals industry and industry groups in BC.

BC Career Pathways Guidebook: Mining Careers

B.C. Centre of Training Excellence in Mining (BC CTEM)

Book for counsellors, students and others that serves as an easy-to-use guide to career paths and mineral-industry-related training programs available in BC.

Explore a Career in Earth Sciences

Investigating Careers in the Minerals Industry


Teacher-written student activity that uses the information on Explore Careers in Mining to help students identify how their interests and abilities translate into mining careers.

Living the Dream


Video profiles of women working in BC’s minerals industry.

MineralsEd Career Video Library


Student created and other video profiles of people working in the minerals industry in BC and around the world.

Mining Your Future Planning 10


Teaching resource developed in 2011 for Planning 10 to explore modern minerals industry careers.

Mining Your Future TV Mini-series


Video excerpts from TV series profiling careers in the modern minerals industry.

MORE THAN Explorers

MORE THAN Explorers

A series of short articles, photographs, and audio clips exploring the breadth and diversity of the people and places connected to the mineral exploration and mining industry.

Rocks and Dirt Just Aren't My Thing


Youtube video that explores the mining process through the eyes of two students initially naive to the importance of minerals in their daily lives. 

STEM Career, Geology.

Dr. Keith Milam - Planetary Geologist at Ohio University. Includes an interview with a Dr. Milam r and what education pathways lead to his career. 

What Does a Geology PhD Student Do?

Jack Richardson PhD in 3 minutes. Studying the evaporitic rocks of Nova Scotia

What is MINING Engineering?


A short video explaining what a Mining Engineer does and why it might be the right career for you.