Earth Science 11/Geology 12

Earth is a dynamic planet, and it is fun to make Earth Science 11 and Geology 12 classes equally dynamic! This resource compiles group and individual activities that reinforce a range of topics taught in these courses. It offers creative ways for students to learn while they are up and out of their seats, as well as a variety of conventional lab exercises. This resource unit is valuable to experienced teachers, those new to these subjects, and those who teach Geography 12. All activities are classroom-tested and accompanied by helpful teaching information.

Visit our Virtual Library for GeoTour guides and class demonstration ideas.

Download Earth Science 11/Geology 12: Resources & Ideas  resource unit (PDF).

A comprehensive Q/A database developed from the original Geology12 provincial exam is also available as WORD documents from MineralsEd. This database is very useful for constructing quizzes and exams. Request these Q/A files by emailing