Intermediate: Early Indigenous Peoples' Use of Rocks and Minerals

MineralsEd's Early Indigenous Peoples' Use of Rocks and Minerals Resource unit is a great tool for introducing Indigenous content into your Earth science units. This unit is composed of six stations that explore different methods of how early indigenous people utilized rocks and minerals, including uses for hunting, carving, art, and more. During the workshop teachers will get to practice flaking your own stone tools, painting with mineral pigments, and soap carving! 

Developed as an inquiry-based student challenge to accompany the B.C. Intermediate-level curriculum, this resource is multi-disciplinary, enabling teachers to incorporate core and curricular competencies from Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Arts Education, and Applied Design, Skills and Technologies (ADST). Written and presented by MineralsEd Partner-Teacher Dale Maingot.

Participating teachers receive a comprehensive support kit (valued at $300) which includes:

  • a 70-page teacher’s binder with information and activities
  • support materials including maps, posters, and more
  • a Rock and Mineral Kit and Mineral Pigments kit

The Intermediate Integrated Resource Unit on Mining is available to teachers, TTOCs, and student teachers only through a half-day instructional in-person or virtual workshop. Find out when the Next In-Service Workshop is.