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Looking for an exciting new job or career move? MineralsEd is seeking a dynamic individual to join our team, one who brings strong office and communi...

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BC's own Evan Smith, UBC geology PhD, has fascinating information on the origin of the very large and clear #CLIPPIR #diamonds. Watch his excellent...

The Unexpected Origins of Big Diamonds | Dr. Evan Smith | GIA at JCK

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ThInk of something you really value, or something you use every day, or something you cannot live without. Do the research: what it is made of and whe...

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Conspiring with engineers helps make science great via @AddThis

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#FridayFact Humans have made things from copper for 10,000 yrs! A pendant, found in Iraq, is dated at 8700 BC.

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#WayBackWednesday On this day in 1799, arguably the most famous rock of all time was discovered. Read about it here:

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