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As we gear up for our 2018 Vancouver Harbour Cruise, take a look at this awesome photo of the port, captured by @el_vi_r of Instagram.

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The Greater Vancouver Mining Women's Association will be hosting a pub night to raise funds for MineralsEd--Come join us for trivia, burgers, and priz...

MineralsEd MineralsEd

Yesterday our team visited Gary at Gian Carlo Stoneworks to gather Soapstone for the classroom! Gian Carlo Stoneworks provides high quality soapstone...

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We're gearing up for our Harbour Cruise! Industry representatives will share their knowledge of the port as we crui…

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We're well rested and ready to cast our vote for...#Garnet! For miners and exploration geos, this is an easy win--G…

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It's the final round of #MinCup2018! #Ice vs. #Garnet: This might be one we have to sleep on 🛏️. People once believ…

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