Intermediate Integrated Resource Unit on Mining

Intermediate students enjoy the opportunity to learn about mineral resources and mining. It is all new to them! This resource is written with a thematic approach to mining and Earth science, designed for the grade 4-5-6 curriculum and integrates learning across the curriculum subjects (Science, Math, Social Studies, Art, English). Students examine mining in the past, present, and future. They are introduced to rocks and minerals, the rock cycle, mining and geology in BC, how mineral resources are discovered and developed, how we use minerals and metals, mining careers, and mining and the environment.

The workshop consists of two parts:

  • Part 1: The MineralsEd’s “Rock Star 101” presentation will introduce participants to mining and geology in B.C., rocks and minerals, and the rock cycle. Teachers will have the opportunity to get hands-on by exploring their own MineralsEd Rocks and Minerals Kit and practicing their rock and mineral identification.
  • Part 2: Participants will review and discuss lesson plans and classroom activities from the resource unit binder.

Participating teachers receive a comprehensive support kit (valued at $400) which includes:

  • a 350-page teacher’s binder with BLMs, worksheets, and answer keys
  • a wealth of support materials including maps, posters, MineralsEd activity books, and more
  • a Rock and Mineral Kit, Mining Samples Kit, and Reclamation Experiment Kit
  • a USB with digital materials and links to relevant geoscience and mining webpages

Binder materials and select support materials are available in French. See the Intermediate Integrated Resource Unit on Mining curriculum correlations here.

The Intermediate Integrated Resource Unit on Mining is available to teachers, TTOCs, and student teachers only through a half-day instructional in-person or virtual workshop. Find out when the Next In-Service Workshop is or Contact Us to request a workshop in your district!