Pro-D Industry Conference Events

Every year mineral exploration and mining organizations in B.C. open their doors to welcome teachers to their annual conferences. To support participation, organizers commonly waive fees for a limited number of teachers to attend talks, tradeshows, and in some cases, a field trip. MineralsEd facilitates teachers' participation by also offering TOC support.

If you are an educator interested in participating in one of the following industry events, contact MineralsEd at

Browse through a list of MineralsEd Pro-D Industry Conference Events for teachers and students below and past events in our photo gallery here

  • January (Vancouver) - Association for Mineral Exploration (AME) Roundup 
  • April (Kamloops) - Kamloops Exploration Group (KEG) Conference 
  • May (Northern B.C.) - Minerals North
  • September (Kamloops) - Canadian Institue of Mining (CIM) South Central Branch Conference 
  • September - BC Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation 
  • November (Southern B.C.) - Minerals South