Secondary Social Studies: Mining in BC

Complex issues, such as mining, are better understood when examined from all angles and discussed. This resource unit is intended to increase the base knowledge of students about the minerals industry in British Columbia and review the process of mine development.

The heart of the unit is a fictional case study of a mine following the Environmental Assessment Act in British Columbia. (Primary data, specific names and geographic locations have been used to provide authenticity.) Once students have gained a basic overview, they are divided into groups that take on the role of a stakeholder in the development of the proposed mine. Research and evaluations are compared through a class discussion period. A consensus is reached once all groups have given their input. The Case Study can be used in the classroom for three weeks to one month.

This unit is undergoing updates and will be availalbe as a teacher workshop soon. To obtain the previous version of this unit, please see the following links:

Download the Mining in BC Resource Unit (2012).

Download the Slide Set and Captions (2012).