Westhaven Gold Exploration Site Tour 2023 - Regional Spotlight: A Career in the Minerals Industry

Teachers and Career Educators can contact George Richard (grichard@sd83.bc.ca, 778-824-1188), Career Education Coordinator for District 83 to register their students!

Senior secondary students from SD83 are invited to participate in an all day field trip to Westhaven Gold's Shovelnose mineral exploration project near Merritt, BC for an opportunity to learn about an active mineral exploration site and to be introduced the the wide variety of employment opportunities at this early stage natural resource project.

Westhaven Gold's Shovelnose project is a gold exploration project located in south-central British Columbia. This is an early stage mineral exploration project, exploring for gold in the area using a variety of exploration techniques including surface mapping, drilling, and geophysical surveys. Mineral exploration involves a wide range of experienced professionals including: geologists, drillers, camp managers, construction workers, helicopter/small aircraft operators, cooks, first aid professionals, mechanics, and wildlife professionals.

Gold exploration has been ongoing in the Ashcroft-Lytton-Lillooet district since the late 19th century after the discovery of placer gold in the Fraser and Thompson Rivers. Westhaven has been exploring the area since 2011 and has since discovered over 791,000 ounces of gold and 3,894,000 ounces of silver in the area.

This tour will spotlight the various career opportunities at a exploration operation. Students will get to learn the geology of the deposit; examine the rocks in the area; how rocks are drilled; how the drill core is recorded, measured, and sampled, and how all of this information is integrated into a mineral deposit model.


Read more about the Regional Spotlight: A Career in the Minerals Industry Program and upcoming events here: https://career.sd83.bc.ca/2023/05/08/sd83-students-will-get-hands-on-experience-in-the-minerals-industry-this-month/