Secondary Mining in BC: A Resource Unit (Surrey Workshop)

Description: Complex issues such as mining are better understood when examined from all angles and discussed. Written and designed for secondary grade levels for Social Studies, Geography, Earth Science, and Geology curriculums, this Resource Unit is intended to increase the base knowledge of educators and students about the minerals industry in B.C and review the process of mine development. Topics include mineral exploration and mine development, extraction and processing, sustainability and reclamation, and economics.

The heart of the unit is a fictional classroom case study of a mine following the Environmental Assessment Act in B.C. where students will address the environmental, cultural, and ethical implications associated with mine development in our province. This unit has an emphasis on Indigenous stakeholders with specific case studies and quotes from the Tahltan Nation. Once students have gained a basic overview, they are divided into groups that take on the role of a stakeholder in the development of the proposed mine. Research and evaluations are compared through a class discussion period. A consensus is reached once all groups have given their input. 

This workshop will be online and will require virtual participation. Registrants will receive a resource package from MineralsEd before the workshop. The resource package will include a binder with background information for teachers, classroom activities, USB, classroom posters, maps, DVDs, and more!

Registration ($25):

Date: Friday, May 6, 2022

Time: 1:00-2:30 pm

Meeting Location: Online

MineralsEd Partner-Teacher Presenters: Bruce Kiloh, Clayton Fox, and Kimberly Pavan.

***This workshop is intended for secondary Social Studies, Geography, Earth Science, and Geology teachers in B.C. Registration priority will be given to teachers in the Surrey Teachers' Association.***