Pro-D Teacher Field Trips

Every year MineralsEd works with groups and individuals to provide Pro-D mining and geology field trips for teachers. Browse MineralsEd Field Trip photo galleries here. If you would like to arrange a teacher field trip in your area, contact MineralsEd at

Highland Valley Copper Mine Pro-D Tour

KTTA teachers are invited to participate on an all day tour of Highland Valley Copper Mine near Logan Lake. This world class operation exemplifies best practices in resource development and has been a cornerstone of the local and BC economy for many years. Join us to learn about the operation from the people who work there.

Neptune Terminals & Chemtrade Electrochem Tour

As part of our Port of Vancouver exploration series, MineralsEd is partnering with Neptune Terminals and Chemtrade Electrochem to host a Pro-D field trip tour to these harbourfront operations.