Coal Then & Now

MineralsEd is delighted to partner with volunteers from the Western Canadian Coal Society (WCCS) to present Coal Then & Now. This presentation is designed for Grade 4-5-6 classes learning about BC’s mineral resources and mining. It will be of special interest to thsoe classes that are also completing a historical novel study of Pit Pony. It is also relevant to and supports secondary Earth Science and Geology courses.

WCCS speakers are geologists and engineers who work in some capacity in coal mining. Their presentation contrasts coal mining in the past with coal mining in BC today. It also introduces how coal is used, particularly the use of BC’s metallurgical coal in making steel in turn used in so many materials and constructs.

Teachers will be given the WCCS Coal Kit that includes the PowerPoint presentation on USB and samples of metallurgical coal, coke, iron pellets and steel nails.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: Free!