Virtual Junior Geologist Workshop

MineralsEd's #1 Workshop! In this 90-minute virtual workshop, students will have the chance for safe hands-on learning as they investigate the physical properties of rocks and minerals. Guided by MineralsEd Partner-Teachers, students will learn about the roles of minerals in everyday life, mineral resources in B.C, the rock cycle, and mineral identification. Students will also be able to practice making observations, predictions, and experiments - all part of the scientific process! This workshop is perfect for classes learning about Earth Science, rocks and mineral resources, and mining.

There are two programs to choose from:

  • The Rock Cycle: minerals in everyday life, mineral resources in B.C, rock properties, and the rock cycle.
  • Rocks and Minerals: minerals in everyday life, mineral resources in B.C, rock and mineral properties, and mineral identification.

Classrooms will receive a parcel from MineralsEd (via. Canada Post) including workbooks, rock and mineral sample kits, rock and mineral identification tools, and a teacher support package. By the end, your students will be Junior Geologists!

Curriculum Subjects: Science, Social Studies

Grade Levels: 4-6

Workshop Length: 90-minutes

Cost: $5/student; minimum $120/workshop

Partner-Teacher Presenters: Wanda Pickell, Andrea Eisler

AV Requirements: stable internet connection, computer, microphone, sound speakers, projector

**A limited number of in-person 3-hour Junior Geologist Workshops are now being offered to schools in the Lower Mainland at a cost of $10/student (min. $250/workshop). If you would like to inquire about an in-person workshop for your classroom, please state "In-class option" in the comments section in the form below.**