Highland Valley Copper Mine Tour 2023 - Regional Spotlight: A Career in the Minerals Industry

Teachers and Career Educators can contact George Richard (grichard@sd83.bc.ca, 778-824-1188), Career Education Coordinator for District 83 to register their students!

Senior secondary students from SD83 are invited to participate in an all day field trip to Teck's Highland Valley Copper Mine near Logan Lake, BC for an opportunity to learn about this modern mining operation and to be introduce the the wide variety of careers of employees at this complex, natural resource operation.

Highland Valley Copper Operations is a copper and molybdenum operation located in south-central British Columbia. It is a huge operation that uses enormous equipment which mined some 119,000 tonnes of ore in 2022. In 2011, this mine employed about 1300 people in diverse roles: equipment operators, various tradespersons, scientists, engineers, and technologists as well as accounting, HR, communications and logistics specialists.

This tour will spotlight the various career opportunities at a mine site, with particular focus on trades opportunities. Students will get to explore the mine's open pit, the machine shop, and learn about the mining process.


Read more about the Regional Spotlight: A Career in the Minerals Industry Program and upcoming events here: https://career.sd83.bc.ca/2023/05/08/sd83-students-will-get-hands-on-experience-in-the-minerals-industry-this-month/